hello world, i'm ren! :] ◄ back


NAME: ren

AGE: 24

PRNS: he/him

SEXUALITY: bisexual

again, welcome to my neocities i'm ren, i'm bisexual, and i'm dating my epic boyfriend juno - here is his tumblr, he doesn't code lol. currently i live in seattle & i have degrees in both japanese and digital media, of which web design was my specialization! i hope to move into work more akin to that someday ^_^

i love everything retro and web1.0, even though i was born in 2000 and only caught the tail end of the tail end of the geocities era. i have such fond early memories of browsing the web in the "computer room," stumbling across miraculously-still-there web gems, watching sims 2 emo music videos on youtube, and peeking at myspace even though i wasn't supposed to. i lived in the transitional period from web1 to web2, and now as things continue to change (fuck web3 tho fr) i want to try my hand at getting back to the roots of the internet.

thanks for reading and joining me!

some objects i own ¯\_(ツ)_/¯