☜ return

just random pictures from my life :)

my 2024 hobonichi cover (scanned)
me and my boyfriend in klance cosplay for a recent comic con ^_^
some cds i burned the animal crossing: new leaf soundtrack to and had my bf make designs for!
random pic from my apt roof
beginner muse from fashion dreamer!
trail above the highway near my apartment
this trail is in my actual neighborhood
there's a korean memorial temple close to me!
there's so many trees around me all the time now...🌲
crows flying!
crows flying (ominous version)
i just think it's cool how the different elevations of everything look when framed in photos
lovely blue house i wish i lived in
my first animal crossing new leaf gifs!
keith voltron in my clothes!
my imac g3 error moment lol
peter pan cosplay draft
my cat rainflower yawning :]
me in my work bathroom lol
updated fursona!!
from mitsuwa in chicago! this place is shut down now though :(
2 days from my 2022 journal owo
my boyfriend-assigned fursona
my bf's fursona & my fursona together
gif i made of klance voltron...
i love pictures of cats w/ fish in their mouths.
hikaru ohshc my beloved! i made this icon in like 2015 lol
the fool card from persona 5...
portrait of me!
angry rover animal crossing.
rainflower on my snorlax bean bag!