hello! my name is ren, welcome to my neocities :D i'm not really sure what i'll be using this for, but as with most neocities sites, it will be my personal space on the internet, so expect an eclectic mix of things :3

this page (and every other one lol) is very much , so keep that in mind as you browse!

04/29/2023: new japanese blog post, fiddled with some styles here and there...
04/26/2023: new page for chronicling my iMac G3 adventures! see sidebar :3
04/24/2023: added a PETZ CATZ 2 shrine! i'm on a roll with these shrines lol
04/12/2023: added a PERSONA 5 shrine!!
03/24/2023: working on a persona 5 shrine!
03/08/2023: added BRATZ FASHION PIXIEZ shrine!!
02/14/2023: added a little cat!
02/05/2023: ALL SITE PAGES/LINKS WORKING except for shrines lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
02/02/2023: added pixel garden!
01/31/2023: added GALLERY and imood.com widget!
01/26/2023: added about page!
01/23/2023: website created!