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Fashion Pixiez

this movie was so foundational to me as a kid idk where to start. i own every single doll they made (though, sadly, not all of the accessories that came with the dolls), i have the movie script practically memorized, and i remember buying (yes, purchasing!) the soundtrack on my pink ipod nano and listening to it religiously on car rides and really whenever i could. i'm glad i finally have a space where i can chronicle my love for this silly kind of low-quality movie ^_^

The Movie

Released: 2007 Runtime: 1hr02min
rating: tv-g resolution: 1.33:1
Discover the fantastic power of helping your best friends in this totally new, enchanted BratzTM movie that will have you looking at the world in a sparkling-new way. When CloeTM and YasminTM follow Cymbeline in order to discover an explanation for her strange behavior, they bring to light a secret more amazing than they ever imagined. Using magical glasses, they are introduced to the incredible world of Pixies, existing alongside, but completely invisible to, our own world. The BratzTM must enter the stylish and spellbinding nightlife of pixies, where unicorns and knomes come to life, and the battle between good and evil is even more important than good fashion sense!

^ this is incorrect, lol. jade and sasha use the glasses, not cloe and yasmin.

some moments

my favorite moment is when jade and sasha put on the pixie-wing glasses and see the pixie world! ↓

honestly, critically speaking, the movie is of course not particularly thought-provoking, and there are a lot of cinemasins dings! i could give in terms of continuity errors, but i can't find it in me to care. the aesthetics are awesome, the characters are surprisingly likable/compelling (lina was ahead of her time, i stand by this) and it's a fun, quick watch.

here is some art my boyfriend made of cymbeline and lina!!

@mortalkombat4 on tumblr :3

The Dolls

these dolls DEFINED my childhood. i loved them so much, made my parents track down every single one of them on ebay or at big lots stores near me in texas. i eventually did succeed in getting them all, plus a unicorn horse as well!

The Prototypes

we must talk about the infamous bratz pixiez doll prototypes before anything else! essentially, some photos leaked to fans before the official release of the dolls, which look a lot more similar to the depictions of the characters in the movies than the eventual final releases did. the story goes that these dolls were eventually nixed because distributors--namely walmart, allegedly--thought that they were "too dark," with their black longsleeve shirts and colored hair, and refused to approve them until they changed. so, to my great displeasure, we'll probably never get to see the originals go to sale :(

Bratz Fashion Pixiez Prototypes

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2 / 12
3 / 12
4 / 12
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12 / 12

LEFT -> RIGHT: Lina, Cloe, Sasha, Breanna, Jade, Yasmin
CENTER: Dee (Cymbeline & Breanna's mother)
Jade doll image on the back of a box(?)
Cloe promotional image with unicorn horse!
Image from a Bratz catalogue from Spain showing both the new redesign (Sasha) and the old design (Jade)
Another image from the catalogue.
Breanna prototype
Cloe prototype
Lina prototype
Jade prototype
Sasha prototype
Yasmin prototype

The Official Dolls


lina is such a fun doll. i'm sad that her black hair with red streaks didn't pass the kid-friendly test (which makes no sense, but whatever), but she still looks pretty good with the fire-red hair and purple/red outfit combo.


genuinely i do not understand why this doll exists. dee is the mother of breanna and cymbeline, two characters introduced just for this show. she's onscreen for less than 10 minutes, at most. and she looks nothing like her movie depiction, obviously, or even an adult. why did she get a doll and not cymbeline?! i remember just using her as cymbeline when i would reenact the movie in my house. lol.


in my opinion sasha is one of the best-looking dolls in this line. the greens and purples complement her sooo well and she's got this vibrancy that the rest of the dolls just don't have! i think she was the last doll i got, actually, and i cherish her a lot for that!!


for some reason, jade's hair always fascinated me. i liked it a lot!! maybe it was just one of the less-used dolls i got from ebay, lol. i really like the butterfly on her cheek in particular, i think it suits her so well...


yasmin was always my bestie when i was young. i think because she had brown hair and blue eyes like me? lol other than that we obviously look nothing alike--even if the bratz were given boysonas, i'd probably be more akin to jade in terms of hair/skin. BUT yasmin was the very first bratz pixie doll i got because she was my favorite, and she began this whole collection. love you yaz


i think cloe should've gotten more blues in her design tbh. fucking dee stole it from her @_@ very annoying. however i still quite like her look, though i will say it might be my least's a bit basic y'know!


here she is! our main character! her doll was easiest to find in the late 2000s; i can't tell if that's because they made a lot of breanna's or she was just least popular, lol. (dee was the hardest to find, btw.) regardless i think her color scheme is epic and she is like a best friend to me tbh.

*hi-res images available on request--email!


idk i just love this movie. i rewatched it recently and i still loved it, despite being a bit more of a seasoned media critic than my 8-year-old self. it's kind of weird though because like, i'm a guy, so liking this type of thing still feels a little weird and invalidating of my masculinity sometimes...but then im like wait a minute i don't give a fuck. so i hope you enjoyed this pink, sparkly, glittery, extra, fashionable bratz page!

thanks for visiting!!