Persona 5 is a Japanese roleplaying game developed by the studio Atlus, released in 2016 to great critical and audience success. It follows the story of the protagonist (whose canon name is Akira Kurusu or Ren Amamiya, depending on who you ask) as he transfers and gets accustomed to a new school following an unfortunate situation wherein he tried to save someone from being assaulted and was, instead, made out to be the assaulter by the corrupt official who was party to the scene. Once at his new high school, Shujin Academy, he connects with a similar group of "outcasts" who have a problem with the corrupt adult world, and together they form the Phantom Thieves, who infiltrate the minds of those who do wrong in an attempt to "change their hearts" and get them to renounce their previous actions.

If there's one thing that is absolutely necessary to know about Persona 5, it is that it has style. A LOT of style. The HUDs/menus have striking, defined aesthetics; in-game character portraits and colors are bold and painted with P5's signature red/black/white color palette, and the fonts--far and away one of the most fun aspects of the design of the game--are playful and over-the-top in an almost campy way.

Asset Examples

The Protagonist

Honestly, a big reason I love P5 so much is the protagonist. He's so stylish, and it was nice to see a version of masculinity that involved heeled boots, a long coat, and unmistakable eyeliner be seen as a cool, even hot, desirable thing.

Frankly, he is gay-coded to me and I don't care what gamer bros say. Eventually I want to include a full Joker Gallery here, so stay tuned!

Other Main Characters

Persona 5 has a large cast of characters, and pretty good character design, honestly, so you can probably tell the personalities each has just by looking at the images below. That's my reasoning for not going through and describing each of them, anyway. Lol.

Morgana モルガナ
Ryuji Sakamoto 坂本竜二
Ann Takamaki 高巻杏
Yusuke Kitagawa 喜多川雄介
Makoto Niijima 新島誠
Haru Okumura 奥村春
Goro Akechi 頃明智