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i've been into persona 5 since 2017, though i actually haven't made as much content as i usually do for my fandoms, lol. here's a catalogue of all the content i have made!


made this for a graphic design class in my senior year of college. i'm pretty proud of it!


these pictures are kind of old at this point, but i cosplayed akira/joker (the protagonist) in college! the professional pictures i got taken of me are a bit...weird, though, because we had to basically undo all of the filters the original photographer added because we didn't like them. i still think the cosplay was solid--and i got to use my real hair for it!

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haven't made as many of these as i want to because i started playing this game on ps3, which doesn't have great recording software. i have royal on ps5 now, though, and strikers on switch, so hopefully there will be more gifs coming in the future!!

the ones below were made of the limited amount of time i played strikers before quitting for fear of spoilers lol

you can reblog all of these on my tumblr!

that's all my content! hoping earnestly to make more in the future. i love these characters so much :3