Ren's P5 Ships!

pegoryu ぺ五竜

there is just something so comforting about pegoryu. ryuji is the first person akira meets when he gets to shujin, he's the first person to show him kindness, and he's a big part of the reason akira awakens his persona in the first place. the two just click for me! i also think they're two different brands of "delinquent," and it's always interesting to put the stylish, rogue-type next to the more boyish, crass one and see what happens. akira's not so uptight that ryuji would bother him, though, and that's what makes it work.

these two also have some of the gayest lines in the series, in my opinion.

makoharu 真春

it is a CRIME that this ship isn't more popular. people have such a bullshit hatred of both makoto and haru and frankly i think it is simply misogyny. either way it sucks and these two are soooo cute together, they're in the same year, and makoto always talked about haru being kind of mysterious and famous even before she joined the phantom thieves. also they're such good foils of each other!! makoto's very serious, very edgy, and her gripe with authority stems from her family (her sister) whereas makoto is so cheerful, sunny, and pink and her gripe with authority ALSO stems from her family (her dad)!! they reflect each other so well. and all of their interactions are so cute. i love them a lot, they're an uncomplicated love story to me.

shukita 主北

tumblr artist thatmightyheart (who made the art to the left) is who really sold me on shukita. their art of yusuke and akira is just sooo good and cute and i especially love the animal qualities she gives them. tbh i never thought i would find their personalities compatible but thru fanfic/fanart i've come to understand how they can mold around each other & fit into each other's cracks like water. it's cute :-)