I really enjoy Persona 5, but here's where I need to admit something: as of April 11th, 2023, I have not finished the game. Not the vanilla game, not Royal, not Strikers, not even Dancing Star Night. I haven't finished any of them. But I've been "playing" since 2017, I've been involved in the fandom just as long, so I think I know what I'm talking about regardless. Lol.

Also, as a sidenote--no, my name "Ren" isn't from the game. It was the worst day ever when they announced his anime name would be "Ren Amamiya" and not "Akira Kurusu," like we'd all been calling him for forever. Now everybody thinks I'm a kinnie who named myself after him, and that is not true! It's just my name. Anyways.

The game is fun. It's stylish, the characters are lovable, and despite it's flaws, I'm glad it has something of an anti-authoritarian message. I wish it treated women better--and that Akira wasn't able to romance his goddamn teacher, but I would still recommend the game to anyone with an interest in JRPGs or fun styles in general.

They're beating this dead horse of a franchise to DEATH though so I hope they move on soon still lol.