Welcome to my Petz Catz 2 Wii game shrine! Firstly, let me settle any confusion: this game is not the same game as Petz Catz 2 for the Nintendo DS. That game is a pet-care simulation, similar to Nintendogs; this game, the Wii and Playstation 2 game, is an adventure RPG! It was produced by Ubisoft, developed by Yuke's, and released in Japan under the name にゃんこと魔法のぼうし, lit. "The Kitten and the Magic Hat." That name is much closer to what the game is actually about.

My Favorite Locations

Dolphin Coast

I remember spending the most of my time in Dolphin Coast, because it's one of the first areas you're able to visit! Also because the music is really good, lol. I can imagine even now the specific sound the cats' paws made as it ran across the sand in this location...

Lappy Lake

Lappy Lake always felt really tranquil to me! I'd just go there and have my little cat swim around just for fun, making stories up in my head about what she was doing. That's a lot of my experience with Petz Catz 2--making stories up in my head as I walked my cat around.

Sky Heights

The end-game location before the actual end-game location! Sky Heights is the place you go right before battling it out with Ivlet for the Magic Hat. It's got poisonous water you have to be careful not to fall into (though, if memory serves correctly, I believe you can wear and/or eat something that makes you immune eventually?), which gives the area a strange, magical ambiance. I was pretty scared of Ivlet as a kid--the final battle took me forever because it scared me so bad, lol--so I remember spending copious amounts of time in Sky Heights, trying to work up the nerve to continue on!

Jade Fields

It's another beginner area! I like all these places because they are the places you spend most time in by nature of when they get unlocked, lol. But Jade Fields always felt like a crossroad to me; it's where you went on your way to bigger, more ominous areas. The Snakes in there were pretty scary, too!

Whisker Woods

How can anyone not like a place called Whisker Woods? I'd bring my cat into this area and dig for fruit, dodge the Bears and Snakes and act out an entire day-in-the-life with her there up until the sun went down and things got more dangerous--and sometimes, even then, she'd "set up camp" for the night and sleep in some grass. It was really fun!

怖いなんでしょう?! Isn't this scary?? Especially for a game that's been about little cats for the most part! This isn't entirely unprecedented in the canon of the game, of course, but the first time I got to Ivlet's lair--called the "Dimensional Rift"--I got so scared that I started crying and turned the game off. I didn't return to this point for months afterward. When I finally did, I was a bit more wise to the ways of the world, and it scared me less. I remember being somewhat disappointed with how easy it was to beat these final bosses (you just have to throw rocks to shock them, and then meow at them), but it's really about the journey and not the destination with Petz Catz 2.