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Introduction to my iMac G3 Computer! 04/26/2023
My first "entry" here! Hello! I'll start from the beginning, I suppose...

I've loved these computers ever since I realized they existed. I was born in 2000, so I wasn't actually "around" when these were actively on the market, so I didn't find out about them until later in life when I ran into one at an old used electronics store in Texas. I remember being intrigued by it, but of course I wasn't going to ask my Dad to buy a whole computer, so we moved on, and the computer faded to the back of my mind.

I went through middle and high school not giving much thought to these computers, but in college, I began to get nostalgic. So I did what every early-20s person does when they get nostalgic: I started to yearn for an era I'd only tangentially been a part of! This included the late-'90s, early-'00s "blobjects", of which the iMac G3 is literally a poster child.

So, after a stint of just posting iMacs on tumblr, a few months into my post-college job, I started idly scouring eBay for listings, and wouldn't you know, I found one listed for, like, $380 I think? I bid $300, and won. I now think I might have overpaid a bit, but I don't care that much--I got an iMac G3!! Something I thought would take me years to figure out how to buy, save up for, etc., I got at the age of 22. It felt great.

The computer arrived on January 22nd, 2023, and I had a wonderful evening putting it together and sorting through the plethora of papers given to me by the seller; papers about how to use a computer, how to buy a connection to the capital I Internet, a card where I could register my iMac to Apple and get tech support...all of this stuff, this stuff that, to me, was like gazing into a distant, distant past. I never had any of these things, never experienced them, so to see physical proof that people had to "sign up" for the Internet was fascinating.

After much trial and error and more than a few damaged CDs (because that's the only way to transfer files from my modern laptop to the iMac, and I'm relying entirely on Internet uploads of old files for this iMac), I finally achieved my first goal--download Sims 1 on my iMac! Unfortunately, I still can't it. I don't have enough storage, or RAM, or whatever it's called. (If you can explain these concepts to me in terms of the iMac, please do. Message me on my Neocities profile or something, seriously.)

So that's where I stand as of right now! I've been unsure how to proceed with the problem of only having 32gb of storage/RAM/whatever on the computer, so I've been frozen since February. I'm hoping starting this "blog" will motivate me to finally kick this thing off in a real way and actually use it. For now, though, it's a pretty sweet piece of decor in my living room, lol!

Anyway here's a picture of some specs, lol:

1 / 14
2 / 14
3 / 14
4 / 14
5 / 14
6 / 14
7 / 14
8 / 14
9 / 14
10 / 14
11 / 14
12 / 14
13 / 14
14 / 14
TYPE iMac G3
Color Strawberry
current OS macOS 8.7
RAM 32gb
purchased from ebay
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