renよい!! enjoy your stay! よろしくおねがいします
  renよい!! enjoy your stay! よろしくおねがいします

my name is ren, welcome to my neocities :D i'm still working out what i want the full scope of this website to be, but as of right now it's just a personal project for me to dump my passion projects & design skills into until something good enough to post comes out!

i love colors, graphics, and early web aesthetics, so definitely expect those things as you browse (though i will pick and stick to a theme and forego those elements if need be). i hope you enjoy! feel free to leave a comment :]

update log

new page: a journal repository! basically i posted some journal pics on tumblr and they didn't do notes so they're going here instead. lmao.
i've joined some webrings! :D they can be found below. also reorganized index page and i think it looks muuuch better and more cohesive now.
refined (slightly) the look of the pixel garden + added a few more pixels/graphics to the page!
uploaded a dappervolk avatar shrine owo i just wanted a place to catalogue my guy's little outfits :3 check out the browser game if you haven't btw it's rlly cool
uploaded an rpgmaker horror games shrine! i made this shrine in 2022 for a college class though, so it's probably not my best work anymore, but i hope you enjoy ^_^
moved my site recs page to a simple box on the index!! NO MORE IFRAMES! every main aspect of my site now has its own page :) i can finally work on something else now lol
new layout for my pixel garden! there's a pretty good chance some of the graphic placements will look awkward on different sized monitors and browsers, but this is sort of a placeholder until i can think of something better lol. bear with me orz
new layout for my gallery! might just be a stand-in until i think of something more creative, but maybe not lol. i added one (1) new picture also!
new layout for my japanese blog!! kyouko is a stand-in; hoping my boyfriend will draw me a better picture...
finally finished my WII SHRINE! check it out if you're able; the first row isn't quite done yet, but all of the games are complete.
HALLOWEEN LAYOUT!! i'm a little late, but i'm just happy to be able to do it this year 
i hope y'all like it! happy halloween season
brand new index layout!! eventually planning on making separate pages for everything, but for now the iframe method remains. i hope everyone likes the new, more "classic" layout! :-)
petz catz 2 shrine fixes; planning a wii shrine!
new japanese blog post, fiddled with some styles here and there...
new page for chronicling my iMac G3 adventures! see sidebar :3
added a PETZ CATZ 2 shrine! i'm on a roll with these shrines lol
added a PERSONA 5 shrine!!
working on a persona 5 shrine!
added a little cat!
ALL SITE PAGES/LINKS WORKING except for shrines lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
added pixel garden!
added GALLERY and widget!
added about page!
website created!
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